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Nikki Hearts is a lover of rock n roll, sweet boobs, small dogs, and tattooed girls... Oh, and makes fancy porno.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I think we went to the same high school!
nikkiheartsxxx nikkiheartsxxx Said:


Asker Anonymous Asks:
In BTS of your shoot with Kelly Madison you said that you're lesbian. May I ask you if you think about girls during your scenes with guys, since I've heard that it's one of techniques straight guys who are doing gay male porn have. Though unlike them, you don't need to have erection, so it probably saves you a lot of trouble.
nikkiheartsxxx nikkiheartsxxx Said:

I just think about making whatever I’m doing look good, to the best of my ability! I focus on the performance. That’s what’s most important :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
do you like to surf? if you do where do you usually go? Trying to find some good locations in cali
nikkiheartsxxx nikkiheartsxxx Said:

I do! It’s my favorite. I go to Malibu and Marina Del Ray mostly. San Diego is preferable, though.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi Nikki you're absolutely amazing! Will you being doing any foot fetish movies? And what size feet do you have? X x
nikkiheartsxxx nikkiheartsxxx Said:

I just did a foot fetish scene for a Sasha Heart movie, keep an eye out ;)

Asker icemaker-24 Asks:
Will you ever do a scene with any transexuals?
nikkiheartsxxx nikkiheartsxxx Said:

for sure! its so stupid that it hasn’t happened already :/

Asker evh4eva Asks:
My friend Kelly and I are huge fans! It's mean the world to her if you said Hi :) thanks Nikki <3
nikkiheartsxxx nikkiheartsxxx Said:

If you’re huge fans… How are you typing this!!? Wocka wocka!

…haha, Hi. 


Thats right!! 

Tell me what you’re looking to see, and I’ll make it happen for you!

Photo sets also available! 

;) xxx

Asker vellahibdon Asks:
No question just wanted to say thank you for making lesbian porn that's watchable. Not the ridiculous overdone crap we have been seeing for years. Bravo! ✨
nikkiheartsxxx nikkiheartsxxx Said:

Thank you for recognizing it! xoxo ;)

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